1. When you get added to a group without your consent.

Why the hell am I here?

2. You, to the admin of the group:

Better respect yourself.

3. When you leave the group and get added back with a quickness.

This is a literal nightmare.

4. You, after muting the group for a year.

Let me enjoy small peace.

5. When you open the group and immediately remember why you muted it.

Yup. This place is still gross.

6. When you see people joking and laughing in the group.

What is exciting you people?

7. When you leave your phone for 3 minutes and return to 300 messages.

Don’t you people have work?

8. When people send stupid pictures and they get saved to your camera roll.

The worst.

9. You, watching them argue over stupid shit:

I’m in the ghetto.

10. When someone tries to involve you in a conversation.

Don’t yarn me, abeg.

11. When someone sends a video that has nothing to do with the group.

Can you focus, please?

12. You, when someone sends random motivational pictures:

Keep your motivation to yourself.

13. When you finally escape the group without getting added back.



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