The life of a Nigerian man isn’t always easy, we know. Here are 13 tough situations every man has experienced in his life. You can either be bold, or you can be bold. Those are your options.

1. When you see a fine girl and attempt to flirt

So suave… so apt…so brilliant…NOT.

2. When you finally make her your boo and she takes you to meet her father for the first time

But he looks like Pete Edochie..

3. When you enter her house and her father sets the dog on you

The God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego will save me.

4. When she sees a text from another girl and you have to start explaining

Time to bring out the lies and apologies.

5. When you have to tell your parents that you want to study music not medicine

After they sent you abroad with all this exchange rate drama!!

6. And you tell them you don’t want to have children and they call a family meeting

Mum: “So this is how my enemies will destroy me!!”

7. When you talk back to your mother

“Will you shut up your mouth?!”

8. When your parents ask you to do something and you stupidly ask why

? You know you deserved that answer sha.

9. When you drive your father’s car without permission and bash it

Can Jesus just come back today please?

10. When LASTMA stops you

Is LASTMA your mate?

11. When agberos approach you

Will you form hard guy? Or will you run?

12. When your mother and wife are fighting and you have to pick a side

Is it not better to just leave them there to fight?

13. And when you boldly confess to your wife that you don’t like her food

LMAO Real Man No Fear abi?


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