Nigerian parents just know how to stress someone. When they’re not asking you to wash plates, they’re making you clean some annoying places. Here of 13 of them:

1. The fan blades.

I should break my hands?

2. Under the kitchen cupboard.

Because the visitors will eat their rice under it abi?

3. Mop under the bed.

Will the visitors look under it?

4. The entrance of your neighbour’s house.

When did we become our neighbour’s keeper?

5. The window louvres.

So the louvres should slice my hand abi?

6. The buglary proof.

Mummy, it is metal!

7. Behind the TV.

But the visitors won’t watch the TV from the back na.

8. Your neighbour’s fence.

No be me build am na.

9. The corners of the ceiling.

Jesus! How?

10. Under the car.

Are you trying to punish me?

11. Behind the dressing table.

Hay God!

12. Under the gate.

Jesus didn’t die for this oh!

13. In short, the whole street.

Kuku kill me.


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