Once you start working, every company starts asking to take some of our hard-earned Naira and put into a pension plan for when we retire. Now pension companies are asking people who are doing their business to also invest in a pension.  But who pension really epp?

Here’s why you shouldn’t take a pension:

1. You’ll live forever and have the same level of energy.

Even Nebuchadnezzar died but let’s move on.

2. The world is coming to an end and saving for a pension is not worth it.

People have been saying the world is coming to end for a long time.  Be careful!

3. You children will give you money.

You mean as much money as you’re giving your parents today abi? Give yourself brain o!

4. Things will get cheaper so I’ll have more money.

*Cries in free falling Naira*  Since you’ve been born, what has gotten cheaper?!

5. You will marry rich.

All the best.  Better marry Yemi from marketing and face your life!

6. Betting is an investment.

Just hope you didn’t put your money on Arsenal winning the Premiership.

7. You will run for a political office.

*Cries in anti-kwaraptian*

8. One Prophet has told you that you will hammer.

I’m so very sorry for you!

9. God will use someone to bless you in old age.

Because, blessing your future by yourself is a sin.

10. You have too many responsibilities.

Nice one. Better become responsible for yourself too.

11. You have 4 side hustles, so why do you need a pension?

You want to work till Jesus comes?

12. Preparing for the future is stress, YOLO.

Retiring into the baby boy/girl lifestyle isn’t stress sha.

13. I’m too young to think about a pension now.

Don’t allow your football age deceive you, you’re not too young for a pension.

Friend, give yourself brain this 2016. Invest in a pension with Premium Pension.

You can spend it in retirement. Worst case scenario, your kids will spend it for you! Premium Pension is also rewarding employees across Nigeria for their dedication and hard work with a campaign called #Reward4dHustle. Head to http://www.premiumpension.com/work to get involved!


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