1. When you receive your salary at the month end and you start spending anyhow.

Flexing unlimited.

2. Buying everything you want like:

This is your time to shine.

3. Even seeing all the newest movies in town:

Because you deserve this pampering!

4. All this while, you’ve not been checking your account balance.

You’re sure you still have money anyway.

5. You, when you now mistakenly check it mid-month:


6. You, calculating how you can manage the money before brokeness overtakes you:

Eat breakfast, cancel lunch and dinner.

7. When you see your colleagues still ordering pizza everyday.

Is it not the same salary we’re collecting again?

8. Even going to the movies all through the week!

These people have witchcraft o!

9. You, wondering how your life has become like this:

I’m broke 99.9% of the time!

10. How you now start eyeing your savings account.

Because who savings help?

11. When you ask your dad for money, he’s like:

“Didn’t you just collect salary, though?”

12. You, praying in advance against every spirit of reckless spending:

This cannot happen again next month!

…Remember to try this out when you get that next salary


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