1. When you see people tweeting about ‘valentine’s day’ again, you’re like

Here we go again!

2. When someone asks who your val is?

Must I have?

3. You, wondering why you always have to be single during valentine’s

Every time o!

4. You, when your best friend won’t shut up about her val’s day plans

Let us hear word, please.

5. How you block everybody that seems to be having some valentine fun

I’m not here for that.

6. When you see someone else that hates Valentine’s day, you’re like

My padi!

7. You, when you your friends start complaining about the gifts they want to buy

Who sent you work o?

8. When you realize you don’t have to waste money on anybody, you’re like:

Too much sense here.

9. How you secretely laugh at some babes, because they got dumped on valentines day

Jesus will fix it for you sha.

10. When you see people posting 2-page love story on Instagram but you know their boyfriend’s real girlfriend

You dun play yourself!

11. How you sit down in front of your TV on the 14th, because Dstv is the only val you need.

Chilling life!


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