1. It’s another Friday so you get ready to turn up at the mosque.

As per slay day.

2. But first, you have to pray so that NEPA can bring light so you can iron your baffs.

God abeg.

3. How you turn up at the mosque with your squad.

We’re back again!

4. How your mother looks looks at you when the Imam is preaching against disrespectful children.

You see yourself!

5. How people splash water in the ablution room.

6. How you run when the Imam has started the prayer.

I mustn’t miss the prayer o!

7. When you’re late and you have to pray on the floor.

All your slay will be rubbing the ground.

8. How your forehead looks when you finish praying.

Ashy and dusty.

9. When you get to the mosque and realise there’s no praying space for females.

What rubbish?

10. When one ‘Salam alaykum sister’ person wants to start setting P after Juma’ah.

If you don’t gerrarahere!

11. How people look at you when you get to the mosque at the end of Jummah

“See this one.”


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