1. You in real life Vs You in your selfies.

2. You, trying to get your perfect selfie angle.

3. How you look, when you try to do the duck face.

4. You, trying to look for good lighting for your selfie.

5. You, when someone photobombs your perfect selfie.

6. You, when your selfie still isn’t fine after taking 90 pictures.

7. When you post a selfie and get only 7 likes.

8. When you’re taking a selfie and your phone falls down.

9. When you’re tall and have to take selfies with short people.

10. When you buy a phone and the front camera isn’t lit.

11. You, when you finally get the perfect selfie.

But sha, you don’t have to go through all that wahala to take dope selfies. The new TECNO Camon CX has got you with its dual 16 MP Camera + customized real time portrait filters.

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