We already told you the 10 guys you meet at every Nigerian wedding. Now here are the ladies!

1. The emotional mother of the bride.

Her baby is leaving her!

2. The “struggling to be happy” mother of the groom.

Because she is just managing this new daughter-in-law they have brought for her.

3. The oversabi bridesmaid.

She will even change to another dress oh! As if it’s her people came for.

4. The aso ebi bella.

She just came to slay!

5. The local champion.

Either the bride or groom’s cousin from the village. She just wants to have some fun!

6. The hopeful “next-in-line”.

She is just wondering when it will be her turn oh!

7. The alternative guest.

She came in an avant garde gele and vintage oleku and after the wedding she is going for a history walk in Lagos Island.

8. The newly married woman.

She is busy dispensing advice even though she has only been married for 2 weeks.

9. The stressed out bridesmaid.

She is tired from picking all the money they sprayed the couple and just wants to go home and sleep.

10. The life of the party.

The one you want to be on your table!


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