1. When your stomach starts making funny noises and the people around you are looking at you like:

Have you never been hungry before?

2. When you check the time and you still can’t get food for a while.

Hay God!

3. You start regretting all the food you’ve ever wasted.

I was young and stupid.

4. And regretting all the times someone offered you food and you said “no thanks”.

Please come back!

5. You start hallucinating about food.

Seeing puff puff, rice and ice cream everywhere.

6. And even your friends and family start looking edible.


7. When you finally see food, you’re like:

Glory glory hallelujah!

8. You don’t even pretend to have any decorum when you start eating.

Decorum ko, decorum ni!

9. When you’ve over eaten and now you’ve made yourself sick.

Oh no!

10. But you have no regrets because you’ve dealt with your hunger!

As a boss!


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