1. Mother nature beautiful as she may be, can decide to call at a very awkward place and time.

Great timing nature, just great!

2. So you run to the nearest public restroom to answer nature’s call.

Hay God! This thing must not drop in my pants.

3. When the putrid smell of urine hits you in the face at the entrance.

Hanhan! What a welcome present!

4. Then the porter lists the toilet rate and refuses to let you in without change.

This is an emergency, have mercy.

5. Finding a big blob of poop staring at you from the toilet seat.

I am scarred for life.

6. Finding someone peeping in at you.

Please tuck your amebo in.

7. Taking different positions so the water doesn’t splash on you.

8. And when you’re taking a dump, you beg all the gods of sanitarium to work miracles.

Father, make them smell roses.

9. Finding out there’s no toilet paper right after relieving yourself.

Hay god!

10. Wondering if you’ve contracted one or two bacterial infections.

To visit the doctor or not.

So did we miss anything?


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