1. Where is my Christmas gift?

Be generous!

2. Do Christmas for us now?

Share some love abeg.

3. Won’t you give us Christmas money?

Because everyone knows Christmas is just an excuse to spend the money you saved all year.

4. Compliments of the season!

This is the most heartfelt wish you’ll get.

5. We’re coming to eat rice and chicken o!

What’s Christmas without jollof rice and chicken?

6. Where are the Christmas chickens?

There better be chickens.

7. Christmas service was so interesting!

Everyone knows church is most lit on christmas day.

8. We’re spending Christmas in the village o!

Because there’s nothing better than Christmas in in the village.

9. Where’s my Christmas hamper?

Better bring the goodies.

10. How are we doing Christmas?

Excuse you? [zkk_poll post=13700 poll=content_block_standard_format_10]


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