1. When you have finally learned to drive.

I am now going to become like the big boys and girls!

2. What you think you’ll be driving like very soon.

Fast & Furious: Lagos edition.

3. How you actually drive:

What a tragedy!

4. The first time you have to drive without your instructor in the car, you’re like:

Somebody help me oh.

5. Nigerian drivers when they see the learners sign on your car.

Get out of our road jere!

6. The first time you try to drive with one hand and almost die.


7. When you see people dancing and driving at the same time.

One day I will be like you.

8. Whenever you see a roundabout, you’re like:

Oh God!

9. Your face when you realise you have to parallel park.

Kuku kill me!

10. When you’re driving on your own jeje and see a trailer beside you.

Is this how I die?

11. When your car gets bashed for the first time.


12. When you bash someone’s car for the first time.

Ah please oh!


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