Any Nigerian who has ever been stuck in Lagos traffic will attest to it being the worst experience ever. Here are 13 songs to get you through driving in Lagos.

1. Wiz Khalifa – Black And Yellow

For when you’re cruising in a Danfo.

2. Ludacris – Move B**ch

This song is best played when you’re in a hurry and the cars in front of you aren’t getting the memo.

3. Nelly – Ride Wit Me

For when you see a hot babe walking down the road and sweating in the heat.

4. Tony Tetuila – My Car

Remember this jam? This song is for when an impatient driver bashes your car and you’re not even there for stories.

5. Joe Budden – Pump It Up

For when you’re buying petrol at the filling station.

6. D’banj – Emergency

Because nobody sees Lagos traffic coming.

7. Chamillionaire – Ridin’

When the Police and LASTMA are trying to make money off you.

8. Kaycee – Pullover

How LASTMA pulls you over when you commit a traffic offence.

9. John Legend – Green Light

For when the traffic light is acting childish and refusing to show green.

10. DMX – Up In Here

For when the traffic is terrible and getting on your last nerve.

11. Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive

When an annoying Danfo driver is trying to make bants with you.

12. Drake- Hold On, We’re Going Home

For when you’re about to lose all hope of ever getting home on time.

13. Omarion – Speedin’

When you finally get out of the traffic.


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