Breast cancer is no joke: the deadly disease affects about 103,000 Nigerian women annually. Every year, we lose up to 72,000 lives to breast cancer. While there’s no standard cure for it yet, a lot of strong women have battled it and survived. But to avoid the risks, it’s better to take steps to prevent it.

1. First of all, knowing your family history is key.

Checking up on the diseases that may run through your lineage will help you know if you’re prone to breast cancer.

2. Be extra vigilant of changes in your breast and in your body.

A simple breast examination every day doesn’t cost you anything. Lie back and feel for lumps in your breast.

3. Run to your doctor the minute you feel lumps or pain in your breast.

We are not kidding: RUN!

4. Massage your breasts regularly.

It’s a great way to flush toxins from the lymphatic nodes. If you can’t do it, let bae help you.

5. Stop smoking.

There’s no easy way to put this, but smoking is really bad for you. It could lead to cancer of many other forms.

6. If someone is smoking beside you, collect the cigarette and throw it away.

Secondhand smoke contains carcinogens, harmful substances that interrupt cell development and may cause cancer.

7. Know your work environment.

If you’re constantly exposed to dust and fumes at work, you may be getting harmful substances into your system. These substances can increase the risks of getting breast cancer.

8. Stop taking alchohol.

Or at the very least, reduce your intake girl! It causes higher oestrogen levels, which increase the risk of breast cancer.

9. Free your breasts.

Let them boobies breathe more often.

Here’s how we should all feel for lumps, males included. You’re welcome.


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