Public service announcement on behalf of the guys: it is time to stop the underwear sets, the white shirts, the polos. It is time to get creative with your gifts. Are you confused on what to get your boyfriend? We made this just in time. Grab a pen and paper.

1. A Timepiece

Truth is you will hardly find a guy that doesn’t own one. A beautiful (original please) watch, will really go a long way in making him happy. (Tip: put a corny joke about time and your relationship e.g. the time is always right with you).

2. Gaming CDs or Consoles

Depending on your budget, either would work. Have you ever heard him talking to his friends about a game CD he wants to get? Yeah, perfect opportunity, go get him that one! He won’t have time to cheat on you while playing it.

3. Perfume or cologne

You sure do want your man smelling good. Invest some money and get him a really good perfume. And no not Active man or 212 men. Get a Versace or a Polo or an Oud depending on your budget. Something to cherish.

4. Take him out on Valentine’s day

Probably did not see that coming. Take your boyfriend to a nice restaurant somewhere and pay for it. Try beat him to his plans for you, and turn the tables that day. He will never forget it.

5. Give him an attire

There are uncountable tailors and fashion designers that can make the perfect agbada or kaftan without measuring you. Check his shirt sizes and pant sizes and get him that “designer agbada” or “designer kaftan”.

6. Alcohol hamper

If you have a boyfriend that likes or loves to drink, wines, spirits, whiskey, rum or even orijin. Get an arrangement of his favorite drinks get about four or five according to your budget and watch him light up.

7. Food

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Why is this here? Is your boyfriend a hungry bachelor, or too busy and always eats out? Great, there are chefs that can make bowls of food, packaged and ready that could last for three weeks. Upsides, he will keep thinking of you each time he eats.

8. Sports jerseys

This is a really good idea. Your boyfriend probably supports Manchester United or Arsenal. If he doesn’t have a jersey you should get him one with his name and favorite number on it. Make it grand give him a home and away jersey. One in the morning the other in the evening and go, another one.

9. A pair of shoes

You sure do want your man to look and dress good, he probably has a photo of a pair of shoes he really wants somewhere on his phone. Surprise him and get him those exact ones. monk shoes, brogues, desert boots these are really perfect or work out shoes if he is fit fam.

10. Accessory sets

So if you didn’t find anything on this list, you can settle for this. There are stores that make customised accessory sets, from pens, belts, wallets, shoes, cufflinks, lapel pins, tie clips and a number of these. Get him about two or three good accessories and he will thank you later.


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