1. “They just released a new textbook that’s compulsory for exams”

It’s not that expensive, just 20,000.

2. “We have one excursion like this, we need to rent a bus to take us”

They said its 5,000 per person because it’s AC bus.

3. “Before we graduate we need to do one small clearance like this”

They said 12,000 clearance fee or we can’t graduate.

4. “Medicals are coming up soon o. E cost small”

We need to pay quickly, doctors want to strike.

5. “They said we have to pay faculty dues this week”

You know I can’t lie to you mummy.

6. “They just renovated the hostel…the price doubled”

It’s even annoying me that we’re paying this much. But what can we do?

7. “They said they want to strike unless we pay their union fees”

I’m not smiling mummy, this is a laugh of anger, trust me.

8. “They’ve increased our school fees”

They added 25,000 o!

9. “We’re doing one presentation like that and we have to pay research fees”

I’ll get F9 if I don’t pay

10. “We’re doing one experiment like this and we need to buy a special lab coat”

The lab coat is not made in Nigeria sha.


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