1. How you thought adulthood would be like:

I will finally glo up.

2. What it actually turned out to be:

Hellfire on earth!

3. So you decided to get a job so you can survive.

This glo up won’t pay for itself.

4. When you realise you won’t get rich immediately after starting your job.

What is this life abeg?

5. The first thing you say when you wake up every morning:

I’m not doing again please.

6. When you realise you can’t even afford to ball on a budget.

Adulthood is a scam o, chisos!

7. When your younger ones start asking you for money.

Let’s not be stupid, please.

8. How your responsibilities deal with you everyday.

Hay God!

9. When you realise you’re no longer entitled to Christmas/Sallah money.

I want to be a child again.

10. When you realise you have to start doing things like saving and calculating finances.


11. When people start tensioning you to get married.

Are you being unfortunate on purpose?


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