Being one of the most talked about countries in Africa, Uganda has peculiarities that are guaranteed to make anybody laugh out really loud.

Besides being the home of beautiful people, beautiful diverse landscape and breathtaking views, here are 10 other amazing facts about Uganda.

1. Nigeria’s Nollywood isn’t half as hilarious as Uganda’s Wakaliwood.

In case you’re wondering, Wakaliwood is a movie studio named after Wakaliga in Uganda that has produced movies with a budget as low as 50,000. Ever heard of ‘Who Killed Captain Alex‘? It’s ok, thank us later.

2. If you think you have seen it all, check out the Ugandan version of The Expendables.

This is their own version of The Expendables. Dare to watch and surely die of laughter.

3. Ugandans have a special method of dealing with home wreckers.


4. Ugandan English is termed as “Uglish”.

Also, when Ugandans want you to move over (or “shift” as Nigerians say), they prefer to say “extend, extend”. LOL!

5. This hilarious public transport mural.

Back to life, back to reality!

6. Discipline is a very big deal, these canes are for the Ugandan task force.

To beat humans or wild goats?

7. This hilarious video by Ugandan comedian Kansiime Anne.

Uganda’s very own Iya Suwe.

8. This photo of their president reading a very useful book.

President forever and ever.

9. Their brutally honest politicians.

No time for lies and deceit.

10. This hilarious poster.

The Ugandan rival to our very own Ikeja under bridge.


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