December 25th is a well anticipated holiday. A time to be merry and of course eat without any form of guilt, because its Christmas and we always plan to start working out again in January. Here are some dishes you will find in Nigerian homes on this special day.

1. Jollof Rice

This is number one on the list just because it could as well be regarded as the most popular food in Nigeria. Almost every home will have this accompanied with plantains and some special meat.

2. Fried rice

Could be said to be an alternative or a second option to Jollof rice even though this may spark a debate of preferences. This dish takes special skill and effort to get correct most times and when it is done well it is amazing!

3. Pounded yam

This dish has pervaded the whole country and a huge number of people love it especially with their favorite soups; egusi, vegetable and assorted meats. Heavenly.

4. Banga soup and starch

This delicacy is special to the people of the Niger-Delta and southern parts of the country. When made the right way will make you happy honestly. What better way to celebrate Christmas than with Starch and Banga!

5. Moin Moin

Mostly served as an accompanying dish, this protein packed dish is usually best with the fillings and when paired with jollof or fried rice is perfect.

6. Nkwobi

Most people go out to eat this special delicacy, which makes it the best dish to fit a special occasion like Christmas. Everyone who has experienced eating Nkwobi always ends up wanting more.

7. Tuwo Shinkafa

This delicacy from the northern part of Nigeria, could be considered as a staple just like other traditional delicacies. Eating a meal like this on a a special day makes it feel different and more amazing.

8. Small Chops

This is the blanket term used to describe snacks and finger food. Meat pies, puff puff, chin chin, asun, gizdodo and a ton of others. Definitely one of these would be on the dining table on Christmas.

9. Coleslaw or salad

We bet you said “yesss” to this. Most homes will have this on their tables for Christmas because it goes perfectly with Jollof or fried rice or sometimes just by itself. If you know, you know.

10. Cake

The number one dessert. Sometimes homemade or sometimes purchased to order. We think why most families have this on their tables is so they can use it to entertain guests along with cold soft drinks. We hope we did not miss any dish out.


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