NYSC redeployment is a thing. People who don’t like their posting can apply to be redeployed to another state. Other conditions for being redeployed include marriage, insecurity, and health conditions, among others. More often than not, a lot of corps members redeploy. This list is for people who chose the redeployment option.

1. You, thinking of the possible reasons you can give for your redeployment.

NYSC redeployment process

Should I lie that my village people are pursuing me? Should I lie that I’m married? Maybe I’ll just invent a medical condition for myself sha. I’ll just say I have Trypanosomiasis-Artesunate. Them go fear when I talk am.

2. When redeployment is successful and you now have to memorise your new state code.

NYSC redeployment process

Na which kain wahala be this, for God’s sake? Can’t I just be using the old state code like that?

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3. The wahala of making new friends because all your camp friends redeployed to different states.

NYSC redeployment process

You think I like you people? I don’t abeg. We just met.

4. When you are rejected from the PPA that promised you employment.

NYSC redeployment process

Ah. Shebi it was because of you that I redeployed from Lagos to Kano. What are you telling me, Mr. Callistus?

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4. When the new state turns out to be even worse.

NYSC redeployment process

True, true, they have cursed me.

5. When they don’t pay you state allowance and people in the other state say that they are getting paid steady steady.

NYSC redeployment process

Look me, Oga. Look me. I dey serve too. Pay me something na.

6. You, trying to make the best of your situation.

corps member tired of NYSC redeployment process

It’s kuku redeploy that I redeployed, I did not kill person.

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