Seye, 24

Theo one thing stopping me from stepping up my life is the fear of the unknown. It cripples me and ensures that I have to be pushed before I leave my comfort zones. Basically, if I can’t precisely predict how making a decision will affect me positively, I won’t make it. Me and the decision will just sit and be looking at ourselves until someone pushes me to do it. I’ve lost many opportunities this way, but I’m trying to do better.

Damilare, 30

The fear of trying new things has stopped me from stepping up my life for years now. If there’s the smallest chance that doing something might end badly for me, I won’t do it. I never learned how to swim because I was afraid I’ll drown. I never learned how to ride a bicycle because I was afraid I’d fall and break a limb. I’m 30 years old and I don’t know how to drive because I’m afraid I’ll cause an accident so intense, I’ll get sent to prison. I made a resolution to change this year sha so let’s see how it goes.

Linda, 27

It’s procrastination oh. As you see me like this, I can procrastinate for Africa. Take fitness, for example. I’ve been saying that I want to join a gym and get in shape for 4 years now. Every time I say it, I get all excited and tire myself out, which leads to me never actually going to the gym to register. The same thing I’ve been doing when it comes to applying for a new job and learning how to cook. God will help us sha because this my procrastination be here.

Bolanle, 23

Long story short, it’s laziness. Actively navigating life is stressful and unfortunately for me, I don’t like stress. I just finished university and it’s a miracle that I actually got through it because God knows I was just coasting. I guess I could take the fact that I got a good grade to mean that I’m lowkey super smart and could do truly great things if I just apply myself, but I guess I’ll never know. I’m too lazy to try.

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