11 Reasons Why Nigerians and Ghanaians Aren’t So Different

December 13, 2015
There is almost always an unending rivalry between these two great countries on social media, but truthfully Nigeria and Ghana share a lot of similarities and bonds. Let us explain to you..

1. Neither of them invented Jollof rice

This may bruise some egos, but the truth is Jollof actually originated from the Yolof tribe in the Gambia area. *avoids talking about whose is better*

2. Ghanaians and Nigerians love spicy food

These two nations love to sweat when they eat. It’s amazing how these two nations love to up the spicy levels in their food and they both love their pepper-soups!

3. Communication companies

These two nations share the same huge communication companies *avoids mentioning names* and mostly complain about their services almost all the time.

4. Traffic

We hate this part! The traffic situations in these two countries are a lot similar. See, we have things in common.

5. Dance moves exportation

These two great countries have given the world some fire dance moves. The Azonto and The Shoki. We wonder why dance moves are not included in these countries major exports list.

6. They are both professional hagglers

If you ever step foot in any market in any of these countries you will realize that nobody ever settles for the prices goods are labelled. Nigeria: “How much last?” Ghana: “Chale is this the best price?”

7. The movie industry

You see, the way the movie industries of these two countries are set up, it is hard to differentiate who is who. People think a lot of Ghanaian actors are Nigerian most times.

8. Complaints about the government

You go anywhere in these two countries; a beer parlor, newspaper stand, office and they all have something to say about the government and how it is not performing optimally. We can place a bet on this.

9. Noticeable accents

Truth is wherever you go your accent sticks with you like your skin. Every Nigerian and Ghanaian has their distinct accent that is recognizable anywhere in the world.

10. Police road blocks

See, I bet we are both tired of these. Law enforcement agents setting up road blocks or checkpoints. Both countries have this all the time and we are used to “dropping something” for the men.

11. Football

Everything about this unites these two countries. Nigerians and Ghanaians love football so much even though the rivalry is next to none when both national teams play and both countries boast of football stars!

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