If you are reading this, it’s too late. Or not?

Chances are that if you are reading this, then you can relate to one or more things on this list:

1) People say you are mature for your age.

Tell me more.

2) Your idea of fun is sleep.

Human beings are stressful and sleep is bae.

3) You have a strict bedtime and fixed routines.

Chaos is stressful and procrastination is the enemy.

4) Many of your friends are older than you.

They are the only ones that really really get it.

5) Bonus points if you use a phone pouch like this:

So sexy and organized. Ugh.

6) Your peers come to you for advice.

Oh wise one, spill thy wisdom.

7) Whenever you go out with friends, you are the designated driver.

Let’s be honest, your middle name is self control and the others behave like overgrown babies.

8) Everyone says you are resourceful.

You have paracetamol in your bag. You are never late for your job interviews. You have actual savings.

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