17 Pictures That Are Too Real For Any Nigerian Who Has Ever Had A Crush

October 22, 2015

1. When you hear your crush has broken up with their bae.

God has answered my prayers!

2. When you see them with someone else.

Wait. What of me?!

3. When you hear you crush got back together with their bae.

Why, God?! Why?!

4. When the person you’re crushing on says ‘your friend is cute’.

Kai! See my life!

5. When your crush makes a joke.

Don’t judge me. It was funny.

6. When you subtweet your crush and the wrong person catches it and DMs you.

Who said you could talk to me?

7. When the crush of your life curves you…

Don’t wake me up.

8. When they say they’re crushing on someone else.

Is this how death feels?

9. When you tweet and your crush faves it.

The rest of you. Your opinions are irrelevant.

10. When you’re stalking them on instagram and you accidentally like a picture from 2012.

I have made a terrible mistake.

11. When your crush laughs at your jokes.

Excuse me please. I’m no longer single.

12. When you do something embarrassing in front of them.

I will never recover.

13. When you think they’re flirting with you, but you realize they’re that way with everyone.

Wow. Just wow.

14. When you text your crush and they leave you on ‘R’.

I’m not even bothered.

15. When your friend wants to make a move on the person of your dreams.

Abi this one is mad ni?

16. When your crush is calling, but your boy/girlfriend won’t stop talking to you.

Please shift. Don’t block destiny.

17. When you finally meet your crush and they are not at all what you expect.


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