12 Humans of Lagos Posts that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

August 27, 2015

The world can be pretty grim at times, so it’s always wonderful to see people being good to other people just because they can.

From caring friends to diligent parents, all these touching stories from @TheHumansofLagos account will renew your faith in humanity:

1. The selfless teacher

"I nearly quit my job when I first started, then I thought to myself; If I get my married and have kids, is this how I'm going to abandon them if they misbehave or stress me? Teaching kids is not easy, they almost drove me crazy in the beginning but now I can't imagine myself doing something else, I've had opportunities but I just can't imagine not been around these kids. They've taught me so many things; how to be patient, forgiving easily, you might see two kids fight this minute and the next minute they are laughing and playing. They are also very sensitive and sometimes behave like adults, like when my relationship ended and I was going through a difficult time, I don't know how some of them noticed I wasn't my usual self then came to ask me why I'm not happy, played with my hair and did funny things to cheer me up"

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2. The dutiful daughter

3. The understanding wife

4. The UKF volunteer

"My favorite super heroes are Swifty and Big boy, my son loves comic books and super heroes and he is the one that introduced me to comics. He is also the reason I'm here today, he is a beneficiary of UKFs scholarship. When he first told me about the UKF library and him been shortlisted for a scholarship exam, I was skeptical I thought it would end with us been asked to pay but they did not. He came tops in the exam and has been on full scholarship since then. One day I went to visit the library, he has said so much about the library and I wasn't disappointed when I got there. I was captivated with what I saw, I loved the whole idea and I immediately volunteered and I'm now part of the team helping in my own little way to give these kids a better tomorrow. I'm arranging comic books inside the goody bags that will be given to the school kids here for the UKF worldreader eBook launch and I'm sure they can't wait to open it"

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5. The amazing friend

6. The insightful coach

"In 2009 the school proprietor called all the Teachers together to find a solution to the increasing rate of truancy and hooliganism in the school. Some of the Teachers were suggesting the same old methods flogging, suspensions etc most of the students have gotten used to the punishments and would boastfully 'chest' the cane as if it's nothing. I played football back then in school and I knew the kind of positive impact it would bring. I suggested we introduce sports and make it part of the school curricula , try using sports to engage their minds and see how it would go. The proprietor agreed and asked me to be the coach. The first challenge was trying to bring them together in unity. They had factions and some wouldn't even want to be in the same place with the others but after our first official match, I saw them all walking home together and discussing the match, it was beautiful. The unity did not end there it spread through the whole school, their was this new found togetherness and peace. Things started changing and in 6 years Ikotun senior high school has turned from one of the most notorious schools to one of the best. It has changed a lot of lives and coaching the team has been the best thing I've ever done. Our female team just won the GTBank Lagos state Principals cup 1 of the many things we've achieved in the past 6 years."

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7. The thoughtful humanitarian

8. The resilient educator

"It's hard for me to pick which is the best thing one of the kids has said to me. When they are here, they are always happy and smiling and it could get emotional sometimes and they'd say all these sweet things but there is one moment I won't forget in a hurry, it wasn't even what was said. There was this kid, he wasn't doing well in his class and could barely read and write till he started coming to the library. He didn't have a good foundation so we went all the way back to the roots, we were patient with him and soon enough he picked up. Even his parents came to the school one day to know what changed and see the special library he always told them about. Then one day in the library he just came and hugged me and didn't want to let go. He didn't say anything he just held me." #HumansOfLagos

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9. The caring boss

10. The good samaritan

11. The diligent mother

12. The helpful buddies


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