You probably spent time in university trying to get an engineering degree and now you have made yourself and your family really proud. It is a little unfortunate that you live in this country and your engineering degree can’t be used for much, we have come up with a list of practical things you can use your engineering degree for. Here’s a list of things you can use your engineering degree for:

1.You can become a cultural dancer.

Yes, a cultural dancer. We all know how technical dancing can be, cultural dances are even more technical. You’ll need all the knowledge you have from technical drawing to kill those dance moves.

2.Fix light bulbs for your parents.

Yup, you spent 5years in university to help your parents fix their light bulbs. You have to let them know their money was not wasted and that you learnt all the things you were taught. Good and useful child.

3.Help your mum sign into her email address.

Studying engineering comes with super memory and no one knows that fact more than your mum. It is also a confirmation that you learnt everything that you were taught and that your mothers prayers while you were in university did not waste. She’ll probably call all her friends to brag about how her child is a brilliant engineer. Sounds like a win to us.

4.Change the oil in the cars.

5 Signs Your Oil Needs Changing | Philadelphia, PA

This is the highest way to prove your worth and definitely the most important thing you can use your degree for. That’s the best way to get the wheels running, after doing this, we advise you to apply for a job at Tesla.

5.Sell the certificate and use the money to relocate.

A lot of people want to become engineers but do not have the time to sit through hours of rigorous lectures. We advise you to sell your certificate to such people and ensure you do not sell it for cheap. Use the proceeds from sales of your certificate to leave the country. Seems like value for money. 


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