11 Horrible Nigerian Roads You Have to See to Believe

November 3, 2015
Nigerian roads are not for the weak, or those with bad manoeuvring skills! From potholes, to floods, to incomplete roads, Nigerians have experienced it all!

1. The one that will sink your car.

2. The one that split like the Red Sea.

3. The one formerly known as Enugu-Onitsha Expressway..Rest in pieces.

4. The one that requires intense manoeuvring skills.

5. The one that shows the REAL cause of Lagos traffic.

6. The one that is a comedian.

So I should fly over abi? Or carry my car on my head? You must be unserious.

7. The OTHER cause of traffic in Lagos.

8. The one that just makes no sense.

9. The one that turned into a swimming pool.

10. The one that proves Nigerians are stunt drivers.

11. The one that requires no explanation. See for yourself.

Hopefully, one day ALL Nigerian roads will look like this.

Until then…God is great!✌️

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