Here’s What’s On Every Nigerians Christmas Wish List

The average Nigerian isn’t very big on gift giving. Growing up if you asked your parents for a Christmas gift and they didn’t reply with ‘I gave you the gift of life, then congratulations you are one in ever hundred thousandth Nigerian.

But Christmas is open us again and even though we know the only gifts we’ll be getting are more potholes and no light we couldn’t help but put together a wishlist.

A president and government that actually gets shit done.

We know the elections aren’t till February but we’ve already started praying and fasting.

No more insufficient funds – Chinko Ekun,2018.

May the Lord of sufficient funds pay a visit on your bank account this Christmas.

A naira to dollar/pound/euro (even cedis) exchange rate that doesn’t bring tears to one’s eyes.

We are not even asking for one dollar to one naira exchange rate o, just one that won’t make bag of rice be 20k.

Canada or American or even South African visa. Better still? blue or red passport.

It’s not as if we want to run away o, we just want the option to sha be on the table.

More public holidays for 2019.

This is something the government needs to take into serious consideration. There aren’t nearly enough public holidays. Serious question, why isn’t the president’s birthday a public holiday?

For the first Christmas in several years, please no fuel scarcity.

We know the drill once the forces that be start to smell harmattan in the air, next thing there’s fuel scarcity. Abeg epp us life is hard enough as it is.

Lagosians will really love it if Uncle Ambo stops vexing and just manages to continue this governor thing until 2019.

Because it’s like he has forgotten he’s still governor.

January is coming which means your landlord will soon collect rent. Won’t it be nice if Father Christmas gave you next year’s rent.

Nobody should laugh, this is a wishlist abeg  let us imagine.

To chop life anyhow without getting debit alerts this Christmas.

Imagine entering January with the way your account balance was on December 1st.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist. Tell us, don’t be shy. Who know your helper might just be in the comment section too.