Here Are Ten Things That Will Make Any South-South Person’s Day

November 27, 2018

Even though Geography is taught in schools and Google is free, a lot of people still don’t seem to know much about South-South people. So if you have a South-South friend here are some things you can learn today that will make their day.

When an Urhobo or Bini person sees a plate of Owo and Starch they’ll now top it up with smoked fish.

If there’s no starch in heaven Urhobo and Bini people are not going anywhere.

Show this picture of fisherman soup to any Rivers’ person and see whether they won’t smile.

Even you, we are sure you are smiling.

When an Ijaw person hears someone else speaking Ijaw in a foreign land.

My brother na you be that.

When you meet a South-South person and don’t immediately ask them if they are Igbo.

Especially after they’ve already told you where they are from. My sister thank you for having sense.

When you pronounce an Edo person’s name right at first try.

You said you are not Edo but you can pronounce Óghidemwinvbiee.

When you meet an Akwa Ibom person and don’t immediately call them Calabar.

Especially because firstly Calabar isn’t a tribe. Secondly, Calabar is not even in Akwa Ibom. Plis dears.

Also not assuming that everyone from Cross River is Calabar.

Do you know how many town and tribes are in Cross River.

Not mistaking Rivers for Cross Rivers after you’ve been told ten times by a Rivers person that they are not the same.

Are you sure you got the complete 6 credits in WAEC?

Not saying all these you people strange strange names sef when a South-South person tells you their name.

It’s not their fault that you’ve never left the four corners of your own state to experience other cultures.

When you invite a Rivers’ state person to eat proper Onunu.

My brother you obviously mean me well.

Not asking a Calabar person if they really eat dogs.

Please let’s all respect ourselves.

As closing prayer people of God please read, travel explore. There is no excuse to mistaking Urhobo people for Igbo people.

God bless.

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