Have The Terror of Toothache? You’ll Relate To This

November 5, 2019

Toothache is something that some people don’t have to deal with but the ones that experience it can swear on their life that it is worse than the pain of childbirth.

If you’ve had toothaches before, you know it’s something you can never wish on your enemy because of the maddening and unbearable pain. Toothaches make you feel deranged, making you go to any lengths to get rid of them and becoming extremely satisfied when you finally do.

The fear of having another toothache will steer you off sweets and anything that might bring it back; but, not for long, until you feel that warning twinge again.

Here are 11 things you’ll relate to if you’re really scared of having another toothache:

1) That moment when you’ve totally forgotten what it’s like to have toothaches and the warning twinge comes

Ha! This is a real problem o

2) Then you start calculating your dental care schedule

“When last did I brush my teeth?”

3) Until you realize that you’ve been maintaining a good dental health

So what could have caused this small pain liadis?

4) So begins the questions in your head to figure out what could have caused the tiny pain

“Is it that groundnut I ate? Or the rice? Or maybe the water I drank–I knew that water was not to be trusted.”

5) You try to forget the warning pain

It was just a figment of your imagination, so there’s no need to worry.

6) Until you are awakened at night–toothache has arrived

Chisos, this is not good. This is not good at all.

7) Your heart begins to palpitate, while you lie awake all night

…praying to God and your forefathers to get rid of the small pain because you don’t want to remove your front tooth!

8) Then the pain disappears

So you are happy for the next three days because you were right! Alas, that is not the case…

9) But, now the twinge becomes a full fledged toothache!

You should have paid attention to the throb, you should have, now you have to deal with this deadly pain.

10) So you bring out your long forgotten home remedies and medications

You bring out all the chewing sticks and stuff your grandmother gave you–you have no choice, at least it worked for her. Add painkillers, toothpaste for sensitivity teeth and a bunch of prayers, incantations and gibberish

11) It works! The throbbing pain is gone

Now you’re respecting yourself and watching what you eat. You are even brushing your teeth 4 times a day and using mouthwash on a hourly basis. Go YOU.

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