Climate change is real. And that’s just nature’s way of getting back at us. Everyone knows that; everyone is planning — well, except maybe Nigeria.

Nigeria during climate change discussions.

I think that’s because it sounds abstract to us; we have our fair share of problems, but nature doesn’t usually fight us like that, like that in these parts. Well, hear this now: it looks like nature is just biding her time, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Nature on the other hand, is looking at Nigeria like:

You want to know what I mean?

According to an article from Insider, Lagos could be underwater by 2100. All this land you see will be claimed by water. Lagos could become a memory. Oh wait, we’ve got company; there are ten other cities around the world on the same list, but guess what number, Lagos sits? TWO!

I don’t know how the global movie industry will be in about a century from now, but the prospects of an archaeological movie where a group of explorers would embark on a journey to find the lost city of Lagos sounds interesting. Why not? Didn’t Titanic get its own movie?

The sad part is before it becomes a cool thing, a movie, or any cool pop culture material, millions of people will be affected. Talk about Armageddon catastrophe.

But maybe that’s not your problem; you may not be alive to see it, after all. And if push comes to shove, everybody will move to Ibadan.


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