Nigerian food is literally the cream of the crop of every meal on earth, argue with your palate.

Nigerian foodies, when they see Jollof rice with assorted orisirisi.

Nigerian visual artist and Hijarbie creator, Haneefah Adam, obviously knows her onions when it comes to creating amazing food art. Have you ever seen Jollof this beautiful?

#Jollof is Bae. ?

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Recently, she shared a presentation of food art she created with Nigerian swallow and they were as mouthwateringly beautiful.

This is the most saucy wheat and egusi you’ll ever see.

Semo and efo have never looked this good, seriously!

This amalu, gbegiri and ewedu collaboration is quite the masterpiece

Well done, Haneefah! We certainly can’t wait to see what else she’ll create out of other Nigerian foods.


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