Despite the depth and importance of our ancestry, African deities are sadly, still viewed through post colonial lenses  as primitive and satanic. It’s however uncanny to note that Yoruba deities especially are even more appreciated overseas than right here at home.

Case in point, Beyonce’s repeated reference to Sun through out her visual album, Lemonade.

Be that as it may, Nigerians familiar with the superhero comic universe can relate Marvel’s Thor to Sango, the badass Yoruba got of thunder.

How Nigerians have been DC and marvel to include Yoruba Orishas into their comic universes.

Doing it for the culture, in 2016, talented Brazilian artist, Hugo Canuto, reimagined The Avengers as Yoruba gods, The Orixas, and his depiction is absolute perfection!

And Antman is none other than Ossain (Osanyin), the god of the the forest and healing.

He created this spin-off titled, ‘Tales of Orun Aiye’ mixing Portuguese and English throughout, to celebrate African culture and its influence on his Brazilian roots and religion.

After setting up a crowdfunding campaign, Hugo plans to use the proceeds to publish at least 2 comic books this year.

We hope to see more of this brilliant work, especially African artists real soon!


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