When limitations happen, some men and women strive to achieve feats that seem difficult or impossible.

On the first Monday of February 2016, a Nigerian doctor boarded a Keke Napep on her way to the hospital. In her words…

Thought i should share this, on my way to the hospital I flagged him down didn’t bother talking to him or asking him for the price because we all know they have a fixed price for those plying the straight road, to my amazement he turned and showed me the notice. Mehn i was dumb founded, i quickly read through it and relaxed. I got to my destination and tapped him and he stopped….

He uses the stickers as both a disclaimer and a quick means of communicating with his commuters without difficulty.

Points for creativity.

Some Nigerians have expressed their concerns on the safety of his driving.

What is your opinion on this man and his driving? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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