In a world where the fight for equality is far from over, one can only imagine the kind of prejudice people with Albinism face because of their skin colour, especially across Africa.

Albinism, being simply an in-born condition in which a person is unable to produce enough melanin is however highly misunderstood in Africa.

To make matters worse, people with Albinism in countries like Tanzania and Burundi are often victims of violence and ritual killings from witch doctors.

These witch doctors believe their body parts are magical and should be used in making amulets and potions. And in less violent situations, they are not given equal rights.

In this amazing photo story titled White Ebony, Congolese photographer, Patricia Willocq, wants to promote tolerance and understanding towards people living with albinism.

She basically captured children and adults living with albinism in their most beautiful form, showing the world how equally amazing we all are.

The extent to which people will go is shocking. Violence and mutilation of people living with albinism should be treated as a serious crime.

Finally, we should stop taking the human race back by discriminating against people who look different from us.

If you need to see the rest of the pictures from this photo essay, visit her website here.


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