Jollof rice is everybody’s one and only bae. If you’ve ever had firewood Jollof, you’ll totally relate.

Wahala started off a sudden, when a Nigerian chef, Djoella Kitchen, shared this plate of Jollof rice and chicken on Twitter.

Have u ordered yours? #jolloftuesday N800 only, abjwide delivery

— D’joella Kitchen (@Djoellakitchen) August 23, 2016

People dragged the chef for posting this Jollof o!

@Djoellakitchen gtho

— Tooru Oikawa (@TonyVodka) August 23, 2016

What type of Jollof rice is this abeg?

@Djoellakitchen don’t know where this originates from cos even Ghanaian Jollof doesn’t look this bad

— D O D O (@godNae) August 24, 2016

Because this is the Nigerian Jollof we all know and trust.

@Djoellakitchen This is what Jollof Rice looks like..

— / zhi.lah/ (@forbszhilah) August 23, 2016

This Jollof is a national disgrace.

@Djoellakitchen you are the reason why they think Nigerian Jollof aint shit. U have shamed our country?

— IB. (@IB_Presenter) August 23, 2016

The dodo doesn’t look attractive sef.

@Djoellakitchen We eat Jollof not jollof and even jollof can’t look this bad. Peep the dodo for Chrissakes!!

— D O D O (@godNae) August 24, 2016

Why should anybody buy this rice for N800 please?

@Djoellakitchen I should now buy that miserable chicken that looks like he just came out of a Fight? And this tin tomato rice for #800

— Oluwagbemiga StoneZ (@OGCarterMillz) August 24, 2016

Maybe the tomato paste finished when the Jollof was still on fire.

@Djoellakitchen I know Jollof rice can be a struggle to cook sometimes but nah not this. Did tomato paste finish?

— Demi (@iamdemi02) August 23, 2016

Some Ghanaians even tried to slander Nigerian Jollof.

But this Caribbean Twitter user testified to the greatness of Nigerian Jollof.

Next time, she should just add plenty filter so the rice can look better.

@Djoellakitchen sorry for the insults you received ? but please make the food lol more enticing next time

— uZode (@nosy_diva) August 23, 2016


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