Have you ever been in a situationΒ where you innocently say something and there’s that one person that comes from nowhere to attack you?

That person whose life goal is to be a troll?

If you haven’t ever experienced it, just thank God.

If you have, I’m sure you’re hoping never to experience it again.

Unless you are the kind of person that knows how to dish it right back. Then you’re always ready.

Let us show you some examples:

#IWasInMyHouseAndTrailerCameToJamMe is a Twitter series and comes in episodes.Β 

This one between Ehiz of MTVBase and Davido.

This epic answer to Ben Bruce’s question.

This guy that just had to go there.

This one about broken dreams and fraud money.

This cat fight.

This football conversation.

This lady that knows how to dish it right back.

This painful comeback.

This guy that really didn’t deserve the comment he got.

This one that must have had the guy regretting ever messing with the lady.

This South African got hit by a giant-sized Mack trailer.


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