We’re officially in the last lap of the year. It’s the month of December and Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to let you know that you still have time to seize that bae. These are the most hilarious tweets.

This advice.


This guy that’s ready to be your boo.

This one that dodged the bullet.

This one about seizing the bae, even if he or she is far away.

This guy that was just a Yoruba boy.

This one about taking your sweet time.

This one that advices against dangerous seizing.

This one about not always getting what you want.

This one about priorities.

This one about the unlucky guys that’ll get rejected.

This prayer.


This one about Rome not being built in a day.

This one about the next thing after #seizethebae.


This 2-year prediction.

This lady that is actively doing something about her situation.

This lady that went for it.


If you haven’t seized the bae already, you still have time – approximately 30 days to move to the next level in your relationship or tell that guy, or girl you’ve been eyeing that you like them.


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