We get it, Nigerian culture is the new cool. Our music is even being jammed to across the world.

Musicians like K-Michelle even featured in a remix of a Nigerian classic song, nice!

But this same Aunty K. Michelle tried to speak “Nigerian” in the most ridiculous manner.

She shared this video on her Instagram page and claimed she was only speaking Nigerian Pidgin English.

And when Nigerians started dragging her…

… She went and posted more videos. Oh dear!

As if that first one wasn’t enough torture, she went on to throw shade at African-Americans in her next video.

She said “I am not African-American, I am just African. Because African-Americans too  busy getting worried about ‘tea’ and getting no bread. Wetin dey happen? How far?”

And she ended the drama while speaking at the top of her voice with a shout-out to Nigerian-American rapper, Wale.

“Look at me, I’m ‘oh-ga’ at the top. Look at you, mumu, just gossiping, blogging and suffering. Look at you, shine your eyes”.

What exactly was she trying to say in those videos?

Because they were just ridiculous and confusing.

Who told her the only way to speak pidgin English was by speaking so loudly?

Who was she even calling ‘mumu’ in the video?

When African-Americans try to ‘speak in an African accent’ but fail woefully…

Can you not?

If she was trying to win us over with those videos, we’re so not impressed!

Watch the rest of the videos on her Instagram page, @Kmichellemusic.


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