Early this morning Davido released his latest single – Nwa Baby, a love song to end all other love songs. After listening to it a dozen times,  we came to the sudden realization that asides currently being one of the greatest musical artistes in Africa, Davido is also quite the expert on romance and we have proof. Here are eight times Davido taught us more about love than your favourite Agony Aunt.

In ‘Overseas’ Davido gave us lessons on the best way to woo the one you love. Take her overseas, buy her diamond rings and call her as soon as you wake up in the morning.

In ‘If’ he taught us that there’s no better way to show you love someone than putting 30 billion in their accounts, and Versace and Gucci on their bodies.

“How I go chop when my baby no chop”. In ‘Fall’ Davido talks about the self-sacrifice that must come with true love.

In ‘Aye’ he taught us that you’ll know it’s true love when she doesn’t want designer clothes or a Ferrari.

In ‘Fia’, Davido advices us not to put ourselves in harm’s way in the name of love. He also talks about being there for the one you love, for richer or for poorer.

In ‘Assurance’ we learn that the most important question to ask yourself in a relationship is, is bae really bae if they can’t give you both assurance and insurance.

In ‘Flora My Flawa’, Davido talks about the perpetuity of true love.

In ‘Nwa Baby’ he talks about being ride or die for the one you love.

What’s your favourite Davido love song, and which one(s) are you most likely to add to your wedding playlist?


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