In case you missed it, First Lady Aisha Buhari, in a recent interview with BBC Hausa criticised the present regime. According to her, President Buhari’s tenure is not particularly benefiting the masses who need help the most. She also said she might not campaign with the president, come 2019.

We were facing our work as usual when we heard our President Buhari finally reacted to madam Aisha’s recent comments.

When he was questioned about it, he replied in these exact words: “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”

Pardon us sir, but we have so many questions right now.

Presido, when you say “the other room”, what do you really mean sir?

Do all the women in this cabinet know what they’re doing? Aunty Kemi, do you realize where you really belong ma?

And you, Mummy Amina. We like you, but please, you really belong in the kitchen, you know.

So what this means is that Madam Aisha Buhari cannot even say something again? A woman cannot freely express how she feels again?

Anyway, one thing we are all sure of is where Mr. President will sleep tonight.

If you think we are lying, see it yourself.


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