Racism is very much alive especially in the movie and fashion industries (word to the Oscars).

Although American clothing brand, Gap tried to address diversity with this ad in 2014.

And also preach girl power in this campaign that features the only all-children humanitarian circus troup in the world, Le Petit Cirque.

People on Twitter still think this particular picture is racist.

And called Gap out for using the little black girl as an armrest.

They think the brand is being passively racist.

They wanted to know why the ad featured only one black girl.

Is the “arm rest” pose really sending any message in particular to anybody?

How come this picture from Gap kids didn’t spark any outrage?

If the black girl was portrayed as the ballerina, people may even say they made her twerk.

Can’t a child rest on another’s head in a playful capmpaign for children?

Must there be a racial tag to everything these days?

Na wa oh! Somebody cannot play with you people again.

However necessary and highly important the fight against racism is, misdirected outrage and anger will not assist in achieving equality.

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