On April 7, all hell broke loose in University of Lagos as the school was closed down indefinitely by the authorities.

The students abandoned their lectures to protest the poor water and electricity supply in the school. They also protested on behalf of the students who live off-campus and have difficulty getting to school due to the fuel scarcity wahala.

The school authorities closed down the school indefinitely and asked all students to vacate the school premises before 10 am on April 8.

It was alleged that the Student Union locked the school gates on April 8 when the school management closed all the hostels.

The students trapped in the school premises were pictured passing through a canal in a bid to leave the school premises.

It was also alleged that the student union president was arrested for being involved in the crisis.

However, there are many questions this protest raises.

Because a standard university should have regular supply of water and electricity.

In the end, the students are still the ones at a disadvantage.

The school shutting down is a direct consequence of the fuel scarcity crisis in Nigeria.

Could it be that the students were tired of being neglected by the school authorities? Considering the fact that the students had protested a bed bug infestation in the hostels back in 2015.

This is the first school to shut down as a result of fuel scarcity and erratic fuel supply. We hope things restore to normal before other institutions in the country follow suit.

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