Nigerians might have a problem with the way things are run in the country, but we prefer to be the ones doing the complaining.
We also like to complain amongst ourselves and not to ‘outsiders’. Jidenna forgot that when he said that light-skinned people are targeted in Nigeria. We were swift to show him that we don’t snitch on ourselves. We keep it in the family.

So when BBC Africa decided to tweet this really smart headline…

Nigerians weren’t having it.

What makes it even worse is that this statement “Green, white, green. Yawn” was made by a Nigerian journalist Nkem Ifejika!

Here are some of the many accurate and entertaining reactions from Nigerians:

This very important fact: It is really not BBC Africa’s concern.

@BBCAfrica: Green, white, green. Yawn. Is Nigeria’s flag boring?” Is it your boring??

— Scarpetta (@KechyWoode) December 11, 2015

This brilliant tweet on the irrelevance of the statement. Is there no real news in the world??!

.@BBCAfrica @nkemifejika really??? With all the news in the world? Totally irrelevant & inappropriate.

— Oluseyi Abdulmalik (@seyif) December 11, 2015

This hilarious conclusion.

@BBCAfrica @nkemifejika maybe when it looks like a nursery school poster, then you’d be satisfied

— Mickey (@_dsicilian) December 12, 2015

This insult.


— High_Elf_of_Igala (@countfreemont) December 11, 2015

This comparison.

@BBCAfrica maybe but not half as not ng as watching the English football team

— Ahmed ibn Mustapha (@MrAfobaje) December 11, 2015

This simple yet valid question.


— High_Elf_of_Igala (@countfreemont) December 11, 2015

Was BBC Africa just trolling?

Seems like @BBCAfrica is trolling. An 11-second clip? This BBC article on our flag from 2010 had way more depth.

— Rotus (@Rotankwot) December 11, 2015

Wise words from a true spiritual Nigerian.


— Labyrinthine (@ThaUsurper) December 11, 2015

This intelligent statement.? ?

@BBCAfrica the level of unprofessionalism in this tweet is absurdly shocking. How can you disrespect a nation’s flag for childish banter?

— MUTAHI NGUNYI (@MUTAHI_ngunyi) December 11, 2015

This hilarious name change. Round of applause for this brilliance!


— Mayokún (@__Mrnicewatch) December 12, 2015

This very Nigerian reply.

@BBCAfrica: Green, white, green. Yawn. Is Nigeria’s flag boring?

— ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ (@chuzzus) December 12, 2015

And finally, some great advice for BBC Africa.


— Amotékun B. Savage (@Immortal_Teddy) December 11, 2015


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