Arsene Wenger just signed a new 2 year contract to stay on as Arsenal’s coach.

LOOOOL! If you’re not a football fan, we will explain why this is funny.

Arsenal has been losing it recently. They dropped out of the top four.

Basically they’ve been terrible. Life hasn’t been easy for Arsenal fans.

Naturally, they wanted him gone.

So much work went into that banner. LOL

So when the word got out that Wenger had signed a new deal to stay on for TWO more years, fans were furious.

But the deal is done.

No amount of shouting will change anything now.

That didn’t stop fans from going online to voice their frustrations sha.

Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers. Lol

Let’s start with this tweet that contained a kinda stupid but low key funny joke.

This tweet from this person that is obviously not an Arsenal fan.

This person that came to make fun of people.

This tweet from this person that has vexed

This tweet from this asshole

This person is an asshole because Wenger has been the coach of Arsenal since 1996! Lol

This idiot that just came to cause confusion


This person that has accepted the club’s fate.

This tweet with the plot twist.

Regardless of the fact that they just lost to Arsenal, Chelsea fans seem to be happy about Arsene’s new contract.


Death probably won’t stop him. Dude will come back as a zombie.

Arsenal fans, y’all should chill.

Arsene is going to be with y’all till 2019! LMAO!

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