In the light of the terror attacks that have plagued France in 2016, the French government decided that banning a piece of clothing, the Burkini, is the most brilliant way to end terrorism in the country.

On August 23, some armed police officers in France went as far as making a Muslim woman take her clothes off which resembled a Burkini, while she was on the beach with her little son.

This action was only in enforcement of the ban on the Burkini, which is supposed to be swimwear for Muslim women who want to cover their bodies.

The pictures of the policemen humiliating the woman have gone viral.

As expected, it has sparked interesting conversations across all parts of the world.

Some believe this could even increase acts of terrorism.

There isn’t kuku a dress code for the beach.

Does this mean hijabis are excluded from the fight for human rights and equality?

How does banning a piece of clothing actually stop terrorism?

It’s an irony that the policemen in question were fully clothed.

Some people however, think the Burkini is a symbol of oppression.

And seriously what is the difference between a Burkini and a scuba diving outfit? Why is one legal and the other illegal.:

In spite of this development, we believe women have the right to choose whatever they want to wear.

Let’s know your thoughts on this controversy in the comments section.


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