There are trailers and there are trailers. Only one month into 2016 and a lot of trailers have jammed people both locally and internationally.

It all started when Kanye West changed his album name from Swish to Waves.

Wiz Khalifa had something to say about it. Maybe he was pained, we really can’t say.

The sub was caught and this tweet followed.

About 12 hours after the little drama, Wiz Khalifa was tweeting jejely about KK which apparently was his line of weed….

When trailer came to jam him and Amber Rose that didn’t even know anything about it.

Being the Queen of epic clap backs, Amber shot back with a much bigger trailer.


And after finding out KK meant “Khalifa Kush”…..

Kanye stylishly dropped this tweet.

Perhaps he was angry at Wiz Khalifa for changing his number.

And he tweeted his own version of an apology.

Na wa oh.

This begs a serious question…

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