We Made A List Of All The Reasons Nigeria Is Sucking In 2020.

February 5, 2020

I know it’s only been 36 days, but man. Nigeria is going through it this 2020.

From bans to a level of insecurity that makes you want to tape your eyes open at night; here are some of the worst things about living in Nigeria in 2020 so far:


Nigeria’s insecurity is spiking at an alarming rate, and with very few measures in place to curb it; the only place for this level of insecurity to go is up. We’re witnessing everything from kidnappings, robberies and murders. January 8th saw the kidnap of four seminarians from a seminary in Kaduna State; one of whom – Michael Nnadi was recently killed as a result. He was only 18 years old.

Leah Sharibu’s abandonment.

You’ll remember Leah as the Dapchi schoolgirl kidnapped in 2018, whose refusal to renounce Christianity in captivity, prevented her release. You’ll remember, but perhaps the government has forgotten.

In January 2020, news of her conversion to Christianity, marriage to a Boko Haram commander and the birth of a child made the rounds. She is only 16 years old.

Lagos State okada ban.

As if our problems weren’t enough, the Lagos State went Dj Khaled on us, dropping another one, by banning kekes and motorcycles from plying major roads starting February 2020.

Market Fires.

We’ve had the Balogun fire, Idumota fire, Amu market fire to name a few in just the first two months of 2020. This is going to be a long year.

Coronaviruses and self-quarantines.


How does Nigeria handle a deadly communicable virus, yet to find a cure or vaccine? By telling its citizens returning from China and other exposed countries to practice self-quarantine. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Nigeria’s visa bans.

Uninterested in receiving Nigeria’s bad vibes, the United States was first to place a ban on certain visas for Nigerians in on February 1st; while China has followed suit, using the containment of the coronavirus as reason for stopping the issuance of visas.

Tarkwa Bay eviction.

If you needed additional proof that the government is completely unfeeling towards the plight of its citizens, look no further than the residents of Tarkwa Bay who, early in the year were evicted from the only home they’ve known for decades without any compensation or alternative shelter provided.

We still don’t have light.

It’s 2020 and Nigeria still can’t hack 24-hour light or the maintenance of its National grid. The national grid has so far collapsed twice in the year 2020. Again, we’re just 36 days in friends.

We have this … individual as senator.

Honourable Ado Doguwa, the majority leader in the House of Representatives, doing probably the only thing we’ll remember him for in his tenure, ladies and gentlemen.

The social media ban denial.

Should we be thankful that the country is at least scared of the international backlash of a social media bill; or should we be angry that Nigerian anger isn’t enough to make the government act right?

Here’s our Minister of Information denying something he very clearly denying the social media ban he personally affirmed in December.

Elisha Abbo is still a senator.

Why? Right answers only from the Nigerian government.

Boyin Plumptre

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