We’re all for silver linings. The world could be burning and we’d somehow find a way to spin it into a happy story about bread taking less time to toast.

Which is why in the midst of the gloom and doom of a global pandemic, we’ve somehow found the good in things. Nothing more notably than in the things we thankfully, don’t need to stress about while we’re locked up at home:


We’ll take a break, almost any break to not have to spend hours of our days behind the wheels of a car, praying for a miracle to get us home within two hours.


There’s no need to wax. You’re locked down at home with no one to see it. #freethebush


If you had to go to work and answer your supervisor complaining about the length of your the every five minutes, you wouldn’t have the chance to attempt to see if growing your beard would finally let it connect. Use this period wisely son!

Looking for outfits everyday

Now all you have to worry about are changing your boxers/wrappers regularly. You are changing your boxers/wrappers regularly, yes?

Styling your wig

Girl, if you don’t let your one month old all back flourish? Who’s looking at you during lockdown?

Combing your hair

Is this the period you discover how good you’ll look with baby dreadlocks? Try it out and see.

What are you grateful for in quarantine?


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